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Misc Ink-Enabled Apps Isaac on 29 May 2007 02:46 pm

Inking in Trillian IM

From jkOnTheRun:

Inking in Instant Messaging is not just for Messenger anymore as Trillian has released the long-awaited ink support. Now you can draw and ink to your heart’s content with the popular IM program. Note that it is in alpha so if you try it let us know what you think about the ink. Thanks to jkOTR reader Steve Moser for the tip!

Unfortunately, it’s not clear to me what kind of support is needed on the other end.  Now if only there were ink in Gaim (across half a dozen different IM services and nearly every major OS, all but a small handful of the people with whom I IM are using Gaim or a derivative thereof as their client).

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