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Isaac on 11 Nov 2006 11:20 pm


Given the increasing use of Tablet PCs in the classroom at a variety of levels and in a variety of disciplines, it is time for there to be a site focused on the use of Tablet PCs by teachers.

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Using a Tablet PC? Wanna write about it?

I’m really hoping that at least a few of the many (I hope) people who are reading this have some experience with Tablet PCs in the classroom and are willing to share. If you fit the bill and want to help write for this site, please email me.

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About Me: Isaac

I teach mathematics in the Chicago metro area. Last year, a couple of my friends started using TabletPCs in class every day. While I am a big fan of bleeding edge technology in my own life, I am very hesitant when it comes to the latest educational fad, so I mostly sat back and listened to what they said. After hearing about it for a year, I decided it was worth playing with and found myself a B-stock IBM X41 tablet at CDW at the beginning of June.

My tablet has barely left my hands since then. I’ve used it nearly every day in class instead of an overhead or blackboards or whiteboards, predominantly using Journal. As the semester has progressed, I’ve gotten better at using Journal (the kids really enjoy the lasso tool, though I’m not sure why they enjoy it so much) and I’ve gotten into using other tools (VirtualTI is great; writing right on worksheets in Word is fun).

As my school slowly rolls out tablets to many of the other faculty, I am hoping to see increased tablet use in the classroom, at least within my department, and I am hoping that we will find more interesting and effective ways to teach with the tablet.

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About Me: Old guy

Member of the UIC faculty, using a ThinkPad X60
evaluation unit loaned from Lenovo.

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