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In Class &Journal &Misc Ink-Enabled Apps Isaac on 21 Mar 2007 07:12 pm

J. Ricky Cox, Elluminate, the Tablet PC, and Real-time Office Hours

Gary Dietz from Elluminate posted an online interview with Dr. J. Ricky Cox of Murray State (who I’ve previously mentioned), an HP Technology for Teaching grant recipient (as noted by Jim Vanides).

Lucky for me, at Elluminate we have customers and partners like Dr. J Ricky Cox at Murray State University in Kentucky, USA. I got on a web conference with him, hoping to get a few anecdotes about either pen computing or interactive whiteboards and his use of them with real time collaboration for a presentation I am working on.

I literally asked Dr. Cox one question, and here was his answer. (The content pretty is much unedited except to make it shorter.)

Dr. Cox talks about the advantages of using Elluminate for “Real-time Office Hours”—that is, for interacting with groups of students online in much the same way that he otherwise would in person during office hours. Specifically, he notes the ability to use audio, to “application-share” Journal to pull up class notes and to annotate and diagram, and to actually interact with the students rather than re-lecture.

(Unfortunately, it appears that edublogs.org is having some issues at the moment, but hopefully it will be back up soon. edublogs.org is back up)

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