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Hardware &Links Isaac on 25 Apr 2007 11:19 am

Gateway E-155C Convertible

Mostly, these posts run along the lines of product announcement rather than actual review, but here are some excerpts and links anyway. From my perspective, it’s another convertible that’s just a little heavier than I’m willing to carry around and has the unnecessary internal optical drive.

jkOnTheRun: Gateway announces new Tablet PC- E-155C

I get a lot of early announcements about upcoming products, almost always under embargo until the OEM is ready to have the product officially released. Normally I don’t have a problem honoring those embargoes but this new Convertible Notebook from Gateway is so sweet that I had a hard time keeping this to myself. The new Gateway E-155C Convertible Notebook is a 12 inch widescreen packing, Core 2 Duo spinning, dual digitizing Tablet PC with an internal optical drive. Weighing in at 4.5 pounds the E-155C is light enough to be used in most mobile settings and the powerful hardware components will handle any task with ease.

GottaBeMobile.com – Gateway’s New Convertible Tablet PC: The E155C

With a lot of the Tablet and UMPC world focused on the Intel Developers Conference, Gateway has jumped back into the Tablet PC game with news of the release of its newest Tablet PC, the E155C. We’ve been seeing hints of this for awhile here at GottaBeMobile.com, but now the news is out. The E155C is a Core 2 Duo convertible Tablet PC with an active digitizer and touchscreen capabilities. According to Gateway, “the E155C is designed to compliment Gateway’s desktop-replacement M285 Convertible Notebook.”

Laptops Blog » Gateway released new convertible Tablet PC E-155C (noteworthy much more for the pictures they have than for their minimal text)

Gateway introduced their new Tablet laptop E-155C. This thin and lightweight PC combines the “Tablet” (by allowing to input information using Stylus), and a laptop with a touch screen.

Gateway E-155C is a Thin & Light Convertible notebook : Specs, reviews and prices.

An amalgamation of style and functionality, the Gateway E-155C draws it juice from an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and uses the new Microsoft Windows Vista as its Operating System. One also comes across a a biometric fingerprint reader and Wacom digital pen with digital eraser.

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