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Links &Off-Topic &Utility Software Isaac on 10 May 2007 08:05 am

Notebook Hardware Control

I learned about Notebook Hardware Control (NHC), a free (for non-commercial use, anyway) utility to hardware settings tweaking, in a post in jkOnTheRun:

One of my ‘must-have’ programs on mobile computing devices is Notebook Hardware Control, which we’ve pointed out many times prior. This free application provides a solid tool-set for monitoring or tweaking performance and battery life on a notebook, Tablet PC or UMPC. Previous versions didn’t work too well with Vista since the new OS wasn’t supported, but I’m happy to share the good news: there’s a pre-release version of NHC available that does support Vista right here. Although it’s ‘pre-release’, I’ve used it for the past two days in Vista without any issues. As always YMMV or ‘your mileage may vary’…..

Having just installed it, I can’t give too much of a review, but it certainly gives a lot more information and options than the default WinXP or even the IBM/Lenovo software. So far, so good. I have a strong suspicion that this will be a utility that stays on my tablet.

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