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About TTPC &Blog Technology Isaac on 03 Mar 2007 04:56 pm

I Almost Missed a Day

I can’t believe I almost missed posting today. I’m actually more surprised that I’ve been able to stick to my goal of posting every day for this long.

Akismet has protected your site from 37 spam comments.  Bad Behavior has blocked 142 access attempts in the last 7 days.Also along the lines of things I can’t believe and/or things that surprise me, the number of blocked access attempts reported by Bad Behavior has just about doubled this week. I don’t think a single spam comment has made it through to the blog, though, and I’ve only had to delete a handful of spam that Akismet has caught. (Oh, and if I’m remembering correctly, Bad Behavior doesn’t default to showing its block count in the dashboard with Akismet’s spam count and I hacked that in there—comment if you want details.)

As long as I’m off on one of these mechanics-of-a-blog-site posts, I might as well publicize that if you upgraded to WP2.1.1, you really must upgrade to WP2.1.2 right now.

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