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About TTPC &Blog Technology Isaac on 04 Apr 2007 10:40 pm

A Few Changes to the Site

Since I’m on spring break and have time to think about and do such things (read that as “have a stronger-than-usual desire to procrastinate”), I’ve done a little tweaking with the site. I’ve added a contact form, added the ability to subscribe via email, and added a page on subscribing (see the links across the top of the page). I’ve also disabled the forums for the moment, since the only use they seemed to be getting was collecting registrations with (mostly fake) Russian email addresses. If there’s sufficient interest in forums in general, I may bring them back or rebuild them using bbPress instead of pubBB. Also, those of you reading this via a feed (i.e. subscription, RSS, Google Reader, etc.) have probably noticed the addition of ads by Pheedo—at the moment, this is the only option available to me for placing ads in the feeds, which I feel is appropriate given that I have Google ads on the web site (if it were possible to put more minimal ads, preferably Google text ads, into the feeds, I would do that instead).

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